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Old Crow Cuppa Joe - Preorder for Next Week

Old Crow Cuppa Joe - Preorder for Next Week


This award-winning coffee is used in-house at Hideaway to make the lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas you folks cannot get enough of. With a coffee review score of 93, the Old Crow Cuppa Joe offers a rich cup of coffee complete with a mouth-feel reminiscent of eating a quality chocolate bar. It has a rich, cherry acidity that makes a great cup when prepared as espresso. When used in a drip brewer, you will find that acidity mellows, leaving a sweet and creamy cup.


Several guests have requested we offer special bag reservations, allowing them to special order larger quantities of this blend. If you’d like to have a weekly or monthly reservation of a 5-lb bag, please call us!


We get shipments every week of this fan-favorite coffee. Pre-order this item here, and we will message you in a week when it's back in stock!

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