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Hideaway's Charitable Giving Program

Hideaway Café is extremely proud to live in this vibrant community where so much good happens every day. We welcome opportunities to help our community whenever possible and whenever operational budgets allow. Each month, we receive close to $15,000 in “asks” for cash and in-kind donations. As a small family-owned business, we cannot (unfortunately) support every cause and organization that makes a request. But we want to help as much as we can, so we are excited to share our process for contributing to community good!


Our structured charitable giving program includes two levels of fundraising partnerships for you to consider. Please take a look at the ways we can help, and reach out to our charitable giving coordinator at


  • Spirit Day Partnerships: Gather your supporters, promote your night, and share in the day’s profits with us. Have friends of the organization come in, make any purchase (food, beverages, or merchandise) and mention you, and we will do the rest! On our end, we establish a code to track how many individuals come in to support you. At the conclusion of the day, we tally the results, and share 20% of the profit (sales after expenses are deducted) with your organization. 


  • Catalog Fundraising Partnerships: Hey, coffee is almost as good as cookies, we think. And it’s certainly better than wrapping paper! We provide the catalogs and ordering sheets, and your folks do the rest. Offer your supporters bagged coffee, loose-leaf teas, brewing gear, subscriptions, gifts, and more. Spend a week or two promoting your catalog drive and getting orders. At the conclusion of your drive, return your catalog and orders to us, we will invoice your customers directly, and get your orders packed up in delivery boxes. If your team delivers the packaged orders, we will share 35% of the profits (sales after expenses are deducted) with you. If we are accountable for delivery, we will share 30% of the profits with you. Either way, your supporters get a taste of the best brews in town, and you get a check! 


We are really proud of all the ways we work with the community to support area nonprofits and positive projects. To date, we have raised and donated over $50,000 in cash and in-kind donations supporting this community and projects around the world. We do have an annual budget of $2,400 for direct cash and in-kind donations. These direct contributions are provided to community charitable causes with missions that align with our values, and are available only when funding is available in the monthly allocation pool. To speak with the charitable giving coordinator, email

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