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Fellows Carter Tumbler with HC Logo

Fellows Carter Tumbler with HC Logo


Introducing the top-rated Fellows coffee tumbler, now sporting a Hideaway logo. Key Features:


- True Taste Ceramic Coating: Unlike stainless steel, a ceramic interior keeps the brew free of odor, oil, and that “old penny” taste.

- Heat Locking System: Keeps beverages hot for 12 hours or cold for 24!

- Brew & Go Compatibility: Designed to fit most manual brewing devices.

- Leak-Proof Seal: Eliminates spills entirely.

- Aromatic Wide Mouth: access the coffee’s full aroma and gauge the temperature while you drink.

- Drinkable Thin Lip: A tapered thin lip mimics a Cabernet glass, delivering coffee right to the taste buds.


$28.99 Plus Tax – While Supplies Last.