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SoloGrind Burr Grinder For Use With Keurig Brewing Systems

SoloGrind Burr Grinder For Use With Keurig Brewing Systems

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Enjoy local and fresh-roasted coffee while using your ready-to-roll Keurig brewing system. Listen, we know everyone loves pour-overs and palm press brews, but sometimes you just have to get those kids out the door or get to work before your boss notices you are late. This grinder allows you to buy whole bean roasts from small providers and grind those beans on demand directly into a reusable K-cup. Reduce your waste by eliminating the need to buy K-cups while improving the quality of your cup. Oh! and it's a burr grinder, not a blade grinder, so that quality is going to be top-notch! 


Features: 2 in1 Automatic single serve coffee burr grinder, Low RPM burr grinder reduces heat build up, and a Burr mill grinding method


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