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Apolis Teas - Small Batch,Organic!

Apolis Teas - Small Batch,Organic!


These beautifully packaged, small-batch teas are truly exceptional. We have carried them for about a year, and we cannot say enough about the quality of the product and the thoughtfulness of the tea crafters behind it. Each glass jar includes loose-leaf tea carefully prepared and packaged for you. (3.5 ounces of tea in each). Varieties available include:


Sweet Cream Earl Grey: bright citrusy bergamot with creamy vanilla and just a touch of orange blossom in this black tea blend to create a totally different cup of Earl Grey. Ingredients: organic black teas, natural flavor, orange blossoms, organic bergamot oil.


English Breakfast: This blend has no Assam but a base of Yunnan instead. It is smooth with a thick jammy flavor and a bright finish with notes of grape skin. Excellent black or with milk. Ingredients: organic black teas


Jasmine Silver Tip: This high-grade green tea has a nice tight leaf shape and abundant silver tips. It is generously scented with jasmine but is still well-balanced. Excellent over ice or with spicy food. Ingredients: organic scented green tea


Uber Tart Infusion: So tart and so good. A blend of hibiscus and freeze-dried fruits, this herbal brews a deep fuchsia cup. Aronia & rosehip mellow the cranberry & hibiscus just enough so you can guzzle this super concentrated tea to cure what ails you. Wink wink. Ingredients: org. hibiscus, org. rosehip, org. cranberries, org. aronia, org. goldenberry


Peach Pie: A blend of organic black teas with the warm flavor of gooey baked peaches and just the tiniest hint of cinnamon. Excellent black or with a splash of milk. Blended with 80% organic ingredients. Ingredients: organic black teas, organic cinnamon, freeze-dried peaches, popped rice, natural flavor


Morning Glory: Enjoy this juicy blend of oolong tea, cantaloupe, and grapefruit. It is slightly floral from a touch of orange blossom and delicious hot or iced. Ingredients: oolong tea, natural flavor, orange blossom, grapefruit oil.


Blackberry Bergamot: This organic house blend of black teas combines juicy, ripe blackberries with the bright citrus flavor of cold-pressed bergamot oil. Excellent with milk and sugar; delicious hot; and showstopping over ice. Ingredients: organic black teas, organic blackberries, natural flavor, organic blackberry leaf, organic bergamot oil (Italy)


Nocturne: A sweet, floral blend of chamomile, rose, orange blossom, and a touch of lemongrass. It brews a medium-bodied cup that is fragrant and warm, just like a summer night. Blended with 88% organic ingredients. Ingredients: organic chamomile, organic lemongrass, organic rose petals, orange blossoms.


Victorian Cream: A rich blend of organic black teas with a generous helping of lavender blossoms and rose petals with creamy vanilla. Drink it black or with a splash of milk. It is especially tasty next to the fire while reading Emily Bronte. Ingredients: organic black teas, organic lavender, organic rose petals, natural flavor


Lapsang Souchong: Lapsang souchong is famous for its strong smoky flavor, reminiscent of a campfire. It is well-balanced, super smooth, and the malty base is strong enough to stand up to milk and sugar (it's excellent). Ingredients: smoked black tea


Ginger Lemon: A classic flavor combination: earthy, spicy ginger balanced by a touch of bright lemon with a sweet finish. Excellent with honey or mixed with your favorite green tea. Ingredients: organic ginger, organic lemongrass, organic osmanthus flowers, organic lemon oil