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We have always maintained a high standard when it comes to keeping the café’s patrons safe and serving with integrity. The challenges surrounding COVID19 has presented a unique situation unprecedented in modern memory, and businesses should operate with a high degree of transparency with regards to their COVID19 mitigation practices. Comprehensive information about our customer-facing practices, as well as our staff safety measures, can be found here. 


Signage Regarding COVID19 Exposure or Infection: Admittance of persons with a known, active COVID19 case or recent exposure is prohibited. Signage indicating such has been posted on the doors, and posters have been placed in the windows to provide the public with information about COVID19 symptoms, transmission, and resources (in English and Spanish). Signage regarding the requirement to maintain a six-foot distance between parties has been posted throughout the café. 


Mask Use Requirements for Guests:  All guests are required to wear a mask when entering, exiting, moving around the café, etc. Masks that are in visible disrepair, exhibit holes, or ones that are otherwise nonfunctional for the purposes of reasonable mitigation are not permitted, and guests will be asked to use a mask or face shield provided at the door. The only time a mask may be removed is when a guest is seated, although it is recommended that guests who are not actively eating or drinking remain masked even when seated. Guests entering without a mask will be offered one at no charge, and guests indicating they are unable to wear a mask for any reason will be offered the following accommodations:


  • Order-ahead, to-go service (either through the Cloosiv app or by calling us at 540-450-0799 for curbside delivery. (Thereby eliminating the need for the guests to come inside.) 

  • Outdoor dining service with table service provided by staff. (As we are not a table service establishment, we ask for your patience with us as service is worked into the natural workflow occurring on that particular day.)

  • Indoor dining service with the use of a face shield we provide at no cost. Guests asking for a face shield will be required to use the shield as they would a face mask, meaning they will be required to use it when entering, exiting, and moving about. 


Mask Use Requirements for Staff: All staff members are issued four masks with a high degree of filtration each month and are asked to wear a cloth mask cover over the issued masks. (Cloth mask covers are provided for staff if requested, but masks of their own selection are permitted as long as they affix either by tying/fastening behind the head or looping over the ears.) Staff must mark the date the filtration mask was put into service and use that mask for no more than one total week or wear time. If the issued mask becomes soiled or requires a replacement for the health, safety, and comfort of the staff member, a new mask will be provided. Staff members receive ongoing training and information about proper mask use, and masks must be worn correctly at all times during service. 


Customer Safety Mapping and Layout Adjustments: Prior to reopening, a customer safety mapping exercise was completed and one-half of all available tables were culled from the floor plan to ensure six feet of distance between seated parties. Patrons will not be permitted to move tables without authorization of staff (to accommodate larger parties in areas where no other guests are seated). All soft seating (that is inherently harder to clean) has been removed until further notice, as have all magazines, books, board games, and guest entertainment offerings. Physical barriers have been constructed around the service bar to limit face-to-face interaction between guests and staff. Bar seating is closed until further notice. 


Hand Sanitizer Availability and Hand Washing: Hand sanitizer stations are available at the front counter, on the product wall, and on each table.  All deployed sanitizers include an alcohol content of 60% or higher.) Guests are free to use them, but are encouraged to use the restroom for proper hand washing. A poster indicating proper hand washing technique is displayed in the restroom. Staff members are required to wash their hands frequently, including when they first come on shift, before and after cleaning a table a guests has just used, after handling a guest’s credit card or accepting cash, and any other time necessary to prevent possible contamination. Gloves are required when staff is making food or drinks for customers, but glove use is not a substitute for proper hand washing. 


High-Contact Surface & Table Cleaning: While we have always kept a clean café, we will be cleaning high contact surfaces with much greater frequency. Door handles, the front counter, outdoor tables (where there is a possibility of minor surface contamination from airborne contact), etc. are scheduled for cleaning every hour or more frequently if volume necessitates. Surfaces are cleaned with an EPA-approved disinfectant with a designation as being approved for use against the human coronavirus. Tables and seats are cleaned after each use, and staff members must wash their hands for at least 30 seconds before and after cleaning tables. 


Employee Health Screenings: All employees are asked to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID19. Additionally, all employees are required to complete a health assessment and temperature check prior to coming on shift, answering questions about exposure, travel to areas with a high caseload, fevers occurring while offsite, etc. This information is held electronically and not visible or assessable to persons outside of the café’s management team and is assessed daily with staff members reporting exposure or symptoms being sent home for quarantine or to their healthcare provider for assessment. Employees are also required to stay home when they feel sick or otherwise believe they have had exposure, and guidance is provided and continually reinforced accordingly. Assistant General Manager Greg Armstrong has been designed as Hideaway’s COVID19 Coordinator. Employees with concerns have been instructed to approach him for guidance. 


Daily Full-Contact Sanitation Practices: At the conclusion of each service day, an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer will be used on all surfaces with customer contact, including tables, seats, door handles, bathrooms, the front counter, etc. All sinks and workstations will also be sprayed, and the solution will be allowed to air dry for maximum effectiveness. Only authorized and trained employees are allowed to use this equipment. 


Contactless Ordering Deployment and Register Practices: We have signed on to use Cloosiv as our contactless mobile ordering platform. Patrons can request curbside or pick-up service using their mobile device. The register system has been upgraded to allow Apple Pay tap-to-pay service depending on the guest’s card capabilities. To allow for safe on-screen selection of payment choices, the screen and the payment-processing device will be sanitized between each guest.

Air Exchanger In Use: We use a Medify Air filtration system which is sized appropriately for our space. It recycles the air (using a high-end Hepa filter) every half an hour. 


If you have any questions or concerns about these practices, please reach out to General Manager Victoria Kidd at Victoria@HideawayCafeVA.com. 


For more information about COVID19, visit www.CDC.gov

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